REA|Monday, December 10, 2018


The Brazilian Project on Open Educational Resources: Challenges and Perspectives ( Project) started in 2008 with an international delegation visiting the Ministry of Education and performing a series of awareness events in São Paulo and Brasília. Project was founded by Carolina Rossini in 2008 and is one of the first projects in Brazil to consider Brazilian reality and perspectives in the international discussions over Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Education. But this wouldn’t be possible without an excited community’s support: OER-Brazil Community. OER Brazil Community is made of educators, scientists, engineers, ICTs professionals, journalists, lawyers and all of those who believe in open education and open educational resources.

In Brazil, the project has partnerships or receives institutional support from Educadigital Institute, from São Paulo Law School Getúlio Vargas, from UNESCO, among others. Internationally, the project is funded by Open Society Foundations and has partnerships with many projects and initiatives that are focused in Open Educational Resources.