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Participate! Project and OER Brazil Community take the Open Education and the Open Educational Resources (OER) causes to students, educators, trainers, authors, schools, universities, publishing houses, politicians, governments, foundations and others who share the vision of an inclusive and accessible education for everyone.

One way to ensure access to education, to high quality materials and enable methodologic innovation is through Public Policies that support the OER and establish that every public investment in purchase or development of educational resources must prefer an OER.

The State, in executing its attributions, must enable everyone’s potential. For these reasons, when it subsidizes intellectual production, specially one that aims at enabling development of capacities through education, the State must make sure that the product of this investment can be freely used by everyone.

In this direction, Project works, since 2008, supporting policy makers in building public policies and legislation that grant access to educational resources that result from direct and indirect public investment.

To reach politicians, OER Brazil created the “Open Education Letter of Commitment”, a document with three topics related to operating and positioning before this issue after being elected. For the civil society, a stamp with an embeddable code was developed so any web user can take to other sites or blogs the message “I support Open Education”, as well as a support letter from the elector.

Commit to our agenda and collaborate with our campaign to a more inclusive and accessible education spreading the word about this cause on social networks, blogs and websites. Access the Open Education Letter of Commitment and send it to you candidates via campaign websites and social networks. Use tags #reabr #educaçãoaberta #eleições2014 so we can trace your post.

You can also help spread the word by adopting TwibbonI support Open Education” to your avatar on Twitter and Facebook. Click here and get yours!


See who has already signed the Letter of Commitment

1. Raul Cardoso – PT – 13613 – candidato a Deputado Distrital – Distrito Federal

2. Alexandre Schneider – PSD – 55055 – candidato a Deputado Estadual – São Paulo

3. Floriano Pesaro – PSDB – 4544 – candidato a Deputado Federal – São Paulo

4. Roberto Requião – PMDB – 15 – candidato a Governador – Paraná

5. Requião Filho – PMDB – 15151 – candidato a Deputado Estadual – Paraná

6. Daniel Annemberg – PSDB – 45444 – candidato a Deputado Estadual – São Paulo

7. Angelo Vanhoni – PT – 1322 – candidato a Deputado Federal – Paraná