REA|Monday, December 10, 2018

OER Book

oerbookAn OER book about OER

A book written by professionals from different fields, with different conceptions to discuss OER, topic chosen by UNESCO since the beginning of the years 2000 as a strategic one for education democratization all over the world. The eleven articles and five interviews in this book present very particular approaches, enabling readers to build, themselves, a quite wide perception of open educational resources, with the possibilities brought via internet access amplification worldwide, through many devices. In some moments, an actual denial of school and defense of an education out of its walls are found. In others, a look into the classroom. In yet other moments, an investigation of public policies that associate education to culture, to communication, to industrial, scientific and technological development.

This book has an open license, as it would be expected, making it possible for you to use it in different ways. It was made to be used and made appropriate. Literally. To be remixed, rewritten. This is why it is a printed book, with chapters that follow one another. It is a digital book, that can be read in any order. It is an internet website, in which it is fully available and also in parts, in closed format, looking like a book, and also with an available source code, in Open Document Format (odf), so you can make a full use of it. It is a website that is also a network, an open network for discussion and it is, ultimately, a network that is a movement: the OER Brazil movement.

Enjoy reading and remixing!