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Débora Sebriam

Educator, holds a Master’s degree in Media Engineering for Education from the Technical Lisbon University, the University of Poitiers and the National University of Distance Education in Madrid. Works with technology integration to curriculum, technology and teacher training, pedagogical innovation and social media management. Is part of the Educadigital Institute team. Participates in the Open Educational Resources Brazil community. Is a member of the OAB – High Technology Crimes Commission. Coordinates the Open Educational Resources and the Safe and Ethical use of Internet projects at Centro Educacional Pioneiro. Gives workshops about technology use and integration in education.

Priscila Gonsales

Journalist, fell in love with education when she was about to graduate from Cásper Líbero, in 1996, and her experimental project named “Mirabolante”, a newspaper about museums for kids, was printed and distributed by the Official Press of São Paulo State to 6 thousand students in state schools in São Paulo. After graduating, she took part in educational projects like “Estadão na Escola” and took a post-graduation degree in Communication Processes Management at ECA-USP. Holds a Master’s degree in Education, Family and ICT from the Pontifical University of Salamanca/SP. Worked in private schools, such as ColégioI.L.Peretz, and in the See to Believe Program, from Abrinq Foundation and Natura at that time, for 2 years. In 2001, she was invited to create the educational journalism nucleus at Cenpec, in the still incubated Educarede Portal Brazil, an initiative by Telefônica Foundations, present in 8 countries. In 2005, she took over the executive-coordination of Educarede, that became Educarede Program due to the development of educators training projects, virtual learning communities among schools and production of didactic materials, both electronic and printed.


Carolina Rossini

Founded OER-Brazil project in 2008 and coordinated it until 2011, when she became counselor, contributing to the project’s strategy and to the development of OER public policies. She currently lives in the United States where she works as Vice-President at International Policy and Strategy at Public Knowledge ( Carolina has worked as Project Director at New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute, Intellectual Property Director at Electronic Frontiers Foundation (EFF) and Fellow at Berkman Center at Harvard University. In Brazil, she has worked as an Intellectual Property Professor at Getúlio Vargas Foundation and Project Coordinator at CTS/FGV-Rio. Before joining the academy, she worked as a lawyer at Telefonia for 7 years and worked at Terra Networks and Telefônica Companies.

Her other associations are: XLab Fellow (, international associate to Global Partners Digital (, Open Knowledge Foundation Advisory Council member, both in the United Kingdom and in Brazil, Saylor Foundation member ( in the USA and Educadigital Institute – currently responsible for – member and InternetLab ( member, the two last ones in Brazil.

Carolina holds a Law degree from USP (2000), an International Relations Master’s degree from Santiago Dantas program (PUC-UNESP) (2006), holds an MBA from IE Business School in Spain (2004) and an LLM from Boston University (2008), with emphasis in intellectual property.


Bianca Santana

Bianca Santana is a journalist and researches Information and Communication Technologies uses in Youth and Adult Education (YAE). Is part of the Open Educational Resources community and of Digital Culture House. Currently, she is a graduate student pursuing a Master’s degree in Education at São Paulo University. Graduated from Cásper Líbero College, she has already worked as a Portuguese teacher at YAE and has collaborated with educational books and multimedia objects at the publishing houses Ática and Moderna. She blogged for Editora Abril’s Sustainable Planet Portal, in which she also published reports and children’s book reviews. She gave workshops on how to use internet resources at school for teachers in municipal schools in São Paulo. She worked in digital culture projects for the Culture Ministry. She has experience in using digital technology for teaching Portuguese, producing and editing multimedia projects, editing academic and children’s texts and coordinating projects for the Internet. She is an activist for free culture and Lucas and Pedro’s mother.

Giulliana Bianconi

Multimedia journalist, has worked for the mainstream media and in education portals, as a reporter and an editor. Postgraduate in Politics and International Relations from São Paulo School of Sociology and Politics, works with planning and developing projects, actions and contents that include articulation in network and have potential social impact.

Juliana Borim

She is a pedagogue, postgraduate in Business and Marketing from the United Metropolitan College and in Third Sector Organizations Management from Getúlio Vargas Foundation in São Paulo. Participated in granting brand license at the campaign “Breast Cancer in the Fashion Target”. Lead the administrative team at TAM Air Transportation. Was a researcher at Cenpec from 2008 to 2011, working with EducaRede Brazil Program, advising the executive coordination.

Marcella Chartier

Journalist, OER blog former editor, postgraduate in Literature from Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo.