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Andréia Inamorato dos Santos 

andreia_inamorato-140x140Andreia Inamorato dos Santos é pesquisadora consultora nas áreas de recursos educacionais abertos (REA) e tecnologia educacional. Atualmente é consultora do projeto europeu OportUnidad no Brasil, assim como membro do seu comitê gestor.

Entrevista concedida a TV UEM em 31/05/2012.

2 Respostas para Andréia Inamorato dos Santos

  1. Caroline Jestaz

    Dear Mrs Santos,
    We came across mention of your video on Youtube on Enquiry-based learning & OER use at the Aisha Project School, Zambia ( We are currently preparing professional development resources for teachers in Zambia and other countries in sub-Saharan Africa, introducing interactive teaching and ICTs into maths and science (where methods are highly traditional and resources are extremely limited), so your video is extremely relevant. We wondered if you would be willing to share it?
    Our CPD resource is open (Creative Commons licenced: CC-by-NC, non-commercial use only) so you would be attributed (and retain copyright) but other practitioners could re-use and adapt the video. We would of course send you the finished version (to be posted on for your approval. We’d be most grateful if you would be willing to make your video available to teachers in under-resourced schools who are just getting to grips with new pedagogical techniques and desperately need good resources to support them.
    We look forward to hearing from you.
    Best wishes,
    Caroline Jestaz
    on behalf of Sara Hennessy and the OER4schools team
    PS: I tried contacting you through the form on your wordpress website but it didn’t work….

    • Andreia Inamorato

      Dear Caroline,

      It is a pleasure to make the video available for teacher training purposes, please feel free to make use of it. I would love to have the finished version indeed, please.

      Best wishes,


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